Come to one of Completely Yoga holidays in Tuscany and it will be difficult to work out what stuns you most – the views of the countryside from the villa, the amazing food and drinks or just how powerful the teacher is.

It is a unique countryside yoga retreat set in Val D’Orcia (UNESCO Heritage Site) at a recently restored fabulous Tuscan farmhouse. It is boutique and shabby chic, and only eco-friendly materials have been used. A specially “neat place” since it has been constructed with bio-compatible materials and in total absence of electromagnetic fields. There is no source of pollution only the wood, the breeze and the sun. Perfect if throwing yourself into the sparse side of yoga doesn’t appeal just yet!

While the yoga is taken seriously, there is also time to enjoy relaxing by the pool, long walks and tucking into the vegetarian food. With locally produced wine!

Vegetarian diet for breakfast/brunch and dinner is included in the price – expect lots of grilled veggies, Tuscan soups, mixed salads and locally-grown fruit. On Completely Yoga holidays we have some expert yoga teachers who believe in the importance of tackling and focusing on what you feed your body as a way of helping your yoga practice.

We aim to delight your palate with world class Mediterranean-inspired and Tuscan vegetarian cuisine. All meals are lovingly prepared using locally grown produce, mainly organic, and we eat outside whenever possible. We cook with cold-pressed virgin olive oil, locally sourced of course. Complimentary fresh fruit, filtered water and herbal teas are available throughout the day. If you are allergic to certain ingredients we will do our best to meet your requirements, provided that you advise us in advance on your reservation form. If you have dietary needs that require special ingredients that are not available locally, please bring those ingredients with you.

Dates For 2016!!!

30th April – 7th May 2016
24th September – 1st October 2016
day by day itineraries
- 1.00pm Pick-up transfer from Pisa Airport
- 5.00pm Welcome Meeting with Yoga Instructor and organizers
  • info about activities
  • info about holistic therapies
- At 7.30pm A delicious, vegetarian Welcome dinner & early night if you need to recover from an early start/flight.

- 8.00am Awake to a refreshing, cleansing fresh lemon & ginger tea before the uplifting morning Sun Salutation yoga session.
- 9.30am A nourishing breakfast of fresh juices, sun ripened fruits, eggs, cheeses, cereals, yoghurts, bread, croissants and herbal teas.
- 10.30am Feeling replenished, we’ll head off for a Guided Walk that will boost your metabolism and get you acquainted with the area. Returning mid-afternoon where you’ll have time to relax by the pool before the restorative Sunset Yoga session.
- After 3.30pm Holistic treatments or time to relax by the pool.
- 6.00pm Yoga session.
- 7.30pm Dinner in with chef.

- 8.00am Each day begins with the morning tea ritual of lemon & fresh ginger tea to help you awaken from your slumbers. Morning tea is always followed by an inspiring, uplifting Sun Salutation yoga session. A healthy brunch spread follows class to deeply nourish your body.
- 9.30am Brunch
- Free day, optional activities or holistic therapies.
- 6.00pm Yoga session.
- 7.30pm Dinner in with chef.

- 8.00am Yoga session.
- 9.30am Brunch.
- 10.30am Guided walk (4hrs in total) with a stop for a snack in a local trattoria.
- After 3.30pm Holistic treatments or time to relax by the pool.
- 6.00pm Yoga session.
- 7.30pm Dinner in with chef.

- 8.00am Yoga session.
- 9.30am Brunch.
- 10.30am Free day to relax or we can organize sightseeing tours with private transfer.
- 6.00pm Yoga session.
- 7.30pm Dinner in with chef.

- 8.00am Yoga session.
- 9.30am Brunch.
- Free day, optional activities or holistic therapies.
- 6.00pm Yoga session.
- 7.30pm Dinner in with chef.

- 8.00am Yoga session.
- 9.30am Brunch.
- 10.30 Guided walk (4hrs) with a stop for a snack.
- After 3.30pm Holistic treatments or time to relax by the pool.
- 6.00pm Yoga session.
- Dinner in with chef – big goodbye feast!

- Leaving day: rise & move slowly, enjoy a leisurely breakfast and a final wander into the countryside before our airport return transfers. Bet you feel fantastic!
- Transfer to Pisa Airport after breakfast.
- Small & Intimate Groups up to 10/12 people. We need to get to know one another and all become friends, so our groups are big enough to make sure we have compatible personalities, but small enough that we never feel like a crowd.
- Our holidays are suitable for all ages and experience levels.
- You are welcome travelling solo, with friends or as a couple.
- Bring along a partner or friend even if not interested in Yoga, there is plenty to do for everyone!
- If you are already a group of at least 10 friends we can organize a week just for you, completely and truly bespoke to your requirements and budget. Give us a ring to discuss the various options!
- All-Inclusive… All the Time. From the moment we meet, we take care of all transportation, all classes, all excursions, etc. Because of this, we also make sure our schedule has something going on all day, from morning to night. Of course, you don’t have to do everything. If you prefer, you can always stay back and take it easy until you want to join us, but you will always know we have something going on…
- Airport transfers are organized from/to Pisa Airport every Saturday with private coaches, but you are free to rent a car or arrange your own transportation.
- Double/twin: £899pp
- Single in a double bedroom: £1,200
- Single in a single bedroom: £959
- All bedrooms are en-suite
- 10% discount for partners not joining yoga sessions!!

What is included in the price
- Accommodation in a double/twin bedroom with en-suite bathroom. Single accommodation is also available.
- All yoga sessions.
- 2 Guided Walks with a local professional guide
- 1 Wine tasting experience in Montalcino (NEW)
- Breakfast/brunch and dinners, in with private chef.
- All drinks: herbal teas, mineral water. Wines during meals at the villa.
- All our support and expertise to help you booking other optional activities: massages, spa days, sightseeing tours to Siena, Montepulciano, Pienza….

What is included in the price
- All holistic treatments.
- All lunches/snacks out during the day.
- Airport transfer

We get all kinds of questions from people trying to determine if this type of trip is right for them. Read on and you will get most of your answers:

Attitude is Everything
We simply cannot stress this enough. This is much more than a yoga retreat in Italy. You will have the experience of your life as long as you don’t have false expectations.

Do singles ever do this trip?
Almost every time we have several people traveling on their own. They are usually women, but we have had men come on their own as well.

Am I too young/old?
The youngest person we have ever had was 12. The oldest was 83. Neither was too young or old by any means. We usually have a really good mix every week, and age has never been an issue. That said, unless you are booking a private week, kids under 18 generally won’t get the most out of it. My husband/wife doesn’t want to come because of the Yoga lessons!

It is not uncommon for non-Yoga spouses to come. When they do, they always enjoy spending time at our villa, taking walks, relaxing by the pool, and joining us in all other activities and outings. More often then not, they end up trying Yoga as well, and having more fun than anyone else! We have never had a non-Yoga person that wasn’t thrilled to be at the villa.

Do I need to speak Italian?
Not at all. All of our key staff speak English, and the shopkeepers in town are always happy to find a way to communicate with you! If you do choose to learn some Italian, you will find that the locals will consider it a great honor that you have made the effort to learn their language.

How do I know we will bond with the group?
The simple rule is the more you let go, the more you will have fun and make great new friends. Everyone is on holiday, and our guests almost always wind up becoming fast friends, and very often form long lasting friendships long after the trip.

I love the website and what you do, but feel like I’ll be the odd one out because I haven’t done anything like this before…
Don’t worry, many of our customers have never tried anything like this before and often feel inexperienced, however they always leave exhilarated and ready for more…

Will there be qualified staff with us?
All our staff are fully qualified in the activity they are running, and have vast experience and knowledge of the local area.

How big are the groups?
Our general rule is that 15 people is our maximum and 9 is our minimum.

What nationalities are the other guests?
About 80% of our guests are British. The remaining 20% is generally a mix of Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans and Americans. Everything we do is in English, so these are the nationalities that we tend to attract. However, we have had guests from all over the world. The only requirement is that you speak English as that is the language of our classes and excursions.

What do you think now? Do not hesitate to give us a ring if you have more queries!

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We encourage you to be just as picky as we are in making your selection. The best way of finding just the right room is by talking to us. We simply cannot stress this enough. By telling us about yourself, your group and how you would like to spend your time in Italy, we can apply all our knowledge and experience towards helping you pinpoint the ideal holiday.
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