5 reasons Yoga is becoming more relevant in today’s world
June 8, 2015

10 signs you need to go on a yoga retreat

Arrived on our site pondering your next break? Trying to decide whether you really do need a yoga retreat or would be better off just getting out there on some deal, packaged to sell you fun, fun, fun? Then you might benefit from reading this: the ten most frequently stated reasons people give for coming on holiday with us….

Suffering from any of these conditions? Tick any one, and we think you’d benefit from a Completely Yoga Retreat. Tick more than one and we just know you’d fit right in. Tick more than three and, well, surely you must know that it’s the right thing to do! And guess what? A Completely Yoga Holiday isn’t just about the yoga. You can choose from a range of activities to accompany your daily practice, from golf to skiing, to walking to sailing, even to tantric loving (remember to bring your own partner though). Plus our fabulous locally sourced, vegetarian food, all cooked following yogic principles, gives you plenty to talk about and to inspire you upon your return home. In fact, those who have come before you report back that, as well as being relaxing, inspiring and meaningful, their time with us has, indeed, been fun, fun, fun!

So, here they are, the top ten signs, as identified by our guests, that you need a yoga retreat:

  1. You’re going through change ((suggested image http://blogs-images.forbes.com/johnkotter/files/2015/03/change-architect-sign1.jpg – or a butterfly!))

You’ve been through, are going through or are planning change in your life. Good or bad, change takes it out of you. It requires time to prepare for, reflect upon and adjust to. A yoga retreat is the perfect opportunity to do so.

  1. You’re always exhausted ((suggested image http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2010/06/25/article-1289477-0A311C38000005DC-452_634x374.jpg))

Always saying (to yourself or out loud) “I’m too busy”? Feel like you’re prioritising work and duty over fun and family? Have you become a slave to technology and want a break? Or are you struggling to sleep, or to achieve anything because you are just too tired, all the time? A retreat will help you recharge your batteries and rebalance your life.

  1. You’re often feeling angry or sad (suggested image: http://images.clipartpanda.com/angry-tiger-face-clip-art-7edd3aadab974cb0bf3504801471f219_p_400.png)

Prone to outbursts of anger? Shouting at inanimate objects? Feeling the itch of constant frustration? Perhaps you are just plain sad about something and your sadness is percolating into everything you do? Anger and sadness, righteous or not, can hijack energy and, indeed, your life. A yoga retreat enables you to reframe your feelings and channel them so that they start to serve you, rather than you keep serving them.

  1. You feel bored (http://i.guim.co.uk/static/w-620/h–/q-95/sys-images/Work/Pix/pictures/2008/06/22/pencils.jpg)

Feel like you’re on a treadmill? Doing things out of habit or duty, rather than because you love them? Lost your passion for, or your purpose in, life? A yoga retreat will help you realign yourself so that you can once again, or maybe for the first time ever, start to do what you love and live more purposefully.

  1. You feel lost (http://carolaround.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Lost-Everybody-is-A-Genius.jpg)

Feeling lost, confused, overwhelmed? Not sure who you have become or who you want to be? Dizzy, unfocussed, lethargic, chaotic? A yoga retreat will help you to work out who you are and where you’re meant to be.

  1. You feel overwhelmed (http://tangerine13.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/bigstock-The-word-Everything-on-a-To-Do-45656401.jpg)

Too many things going on? Too much to do? Confused, chaotic and fed up? Taking timeout to reflect and recharge is the best way forward.

  1. You are recovering (http://media.recovery.org/wp-content/uploads/recovery.jpeg)

Suffered from an illness or recovering from an event? Need to just take time out from yourself, a situation or someone else? There is probably no better way than at an organised yoga retreat.

  1. You feel stuck (http://brown-crawshaw.com/images/Person-%20stuck%20in%20a%20jar.jpg)

Know you want something to change but not sure what or how to change it? Fed up with always doing what you’ve always done and always getting what you always got? Do something different. Come on retreat and you’ll return home able to move on.

  1. You love yoga and meditation but don’t do it, or haven’t for a while? (http://onelovemeg.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/LoveYoga.jpg)

Want to kick start/restart or just start a new yogic routine but worried you can’t remember poses or don’t want to be an absolute beginner in your local class? Come on along!

  1. You just want to! (https://corefitnessappleby.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/big-tick.jpg)

Read all these reasons and none, specifically, speak to you but you just know you want to come on a yoga retreat? Then you must, of course, come!

We encourage you to be just as picky as we are in making your selection. The best way of finding just the right room is by talking to us. We simply cannot stress this enough. By telling us about yourself, your group and how you would like to spend your time in Italy, we can apply all our knowledge and experience towards helping you pinpoint the ideal holiday.