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April 7, 2015
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July 9, 2015

5 reasons Yoga is becoming more relevant in today’s world

What yoga and technology have in common…

Whenever we’re away from the yoga studio, be it on one of our activities or over one of our delicious locally sourced meals, a theme seems to be recurring in our guests’ conversations: the increasing need for yoga in the modern world. One recent conversation culminated in the group identifying five reasons why they thought yoga should be taught in schools. It also resulted in an agreement that modern technology actually shares yoga’s purpose. So, whilst all were enjoying time away from the screen on their Completely Yoga Retreat, most claimed that they would return to the screen once home to deepen their practice.


When an older guest recently observed that even the main national news channels were catering for short attention spans theses days, an interesting conversation developed around the increasing importance of yoga in today’s society. All agreed that there’s a lot to be said about a philosophy, and its associated practice, that encourages depth and breadth of attention. In fact, they drew up a manifesto on why yoga should be included in national curriculums.


Why should Yoga be taught at school?

  1. Focuses attention, when everything else around us fragments it.
  2. Brings physical benefits (stretching and breathing exercises improve muscle tone, flexibility, strengths and stamina) to an increasingly static lifestyle.
  3. Reduces the stress, tension, anxiety and nervousness that are by-products of an increasingly fast-moving environment.
  4. Addresses numerous health issues that are on the rise in modern cultures, including: blood pressure issues, respiratory issues, anxiety issues and back problems.
  5. Enables you to move away from the sense of competition prevalent in modern classrooms, workplaces and homes and to remain self-aware.


There are, of course, many other benefits to yoga, some of which you can read about in these previous posts. There are also many benefits to parts of modern culture that some see as potentially detrimental to humanity, such as advances in technology.


Indeed, one guest made an interesting point during this discussion that we think is worth sharing:


“Yoga means union. We all, as humans, have an innate need, or desire, for connection. The advance of technology serves the same purpose – connecting people. In fact, if it wasn’t for technology, I would never have found out about Completely Yoga Holidays. So, whilst I’m enjoying getting back to basics here, and finding myself totally able to pull myself away from the screen that steals so much of my attention at home and work, it’s unrealistic to think that pull won’t manifest itself when I get home. In fact, with everything that is available online these days, it may even become a part of my practice. ”


Good point, well made, we thought. This being so, we also thought we ought to share with you some links to help you navigate your way through the plethora of online yoga support you can access.


  1. Movement for Modern Life – an online repository of yoga videos and tutorials that enables you to customise your programme.
  2. Toms Guide – review of the best yoga apps.
  3. Live Science – best yoga apps.


Of course, there’s nothing like personal recommendation, so, please share what works for you in the comments section below.

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